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What will I get with a paid unlimited subscription?
What will I get with a paid unlimited subscription?

Why it's worth upgrading to the unlimited pro plan to get everything BrainLabs has to offer.

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By upgrading to the unlimited plan, you gain access to everything BrainLabs has to offer.

First, you unlock personal insights. Insights are our proprietary method for telling you how your cognition and your lifestyle work together. We'll use advanced statistics to tell you when you are truly at your cognitive best.

Second, you unlock unlimited challenges. Want to test your C-Score before and after coffee too see how it changes? Trying to determine if you're a morning person or a night owl? Get multiple brain reports per day with the unlimited plan.

Third, you unlock unlimited test plays. Trying to beat your high score on your favourite test and need another shot at it? Tracking how your cognition changes on specific tests? The unlimited plan is for you.

We are releasing incredible new brain health tools all the time, and an unlimited account will ensure you have access to all of them. Because your continued cognitive health is worth a low monthly fee, consider signing up now.

I Need to Use the Tests for Research

A product has also been developed specifically for researchers who wish to use the tests in studies; see CBS Research for more information.

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