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Will my test scores be used for research?
Will my test scores be used for research?

How the BrainLabs community contributes to neuroscience.

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Yes, our science team is always doing research in order to improve the validity of the tests, improve the app, or contribute to scientific understanding of human cognition. However, your test scores only contribute to large pools of data—scientists will not see your data in a way that identifies you, and your personal data is private

For example, we might look at how exercise is related to cognitive function. We will share numbers like group averages and correlations within BrainLabs (e.g., when we show you tips in your journal), and with the broader cognitive science community.

So you can feel good knowing that you are contributing to human understanding. Thank you! You will also benefit directly by improving BrainLabs. The more data the better—it's win-win.

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