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I used an older version of Cambridge Brain Sciences to track my cognition—how is BrainLabs different than the classic site?
I used an older version of Cambridge Brain Sciences to track my cognition—how is BrainLabs different than the classic site?

Have you been with us since the beginning? If the site looks different to you, read on for how to migrate to the rebuilt site.

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Cambridge Brain Sciences has launched an all-new experience called BrainLabs that combines the validated tests you know and love with the ability to match cognitive performance with your lifestyle. The new site at looks quite different than the old site. Here are a few common questions from users who have been with us since previous versions of the site.

Why is Cambridge Brain Sciences changing?

As the leading online platform for cognitive assessment, we are in the unique position to push the boundaries of understanding the brain. Not only can we do research at a never-before-seen scale by taking neuroscience out of the lab, but we can use that scientific insight to help millions of people around the world make choices that optimize brain health and cognitive performance.

The launch of the all-new BrainLabs is the first step toward realizing this vision, and we would be honoured to have you become part of this journey.

I signed up for the new site and now I can't log in!

Sorry for the confusion! Here are a few steps that could solve login issues:

  • Make sure you are logging in at the right address: . Pro tip: bookmark it for easy access.

  • Try the forgot password link, then check your email, to resolve password issues.

  • Try creating a new account on the new site to make sure your account was properly registered with the email address you wish to use.

If all else fails and you continue to have trouble, contact us for assistance and a friendly expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I use my old login on the new site?

If you used the site before 2016, then no—the new site requires a new login. If you used the redesigned Cambridge Brain Sciences site in 2016 or after, your login will still work, same as always.

Is the old site gone for good?

Yes, the old site is now closed, and entirely replaced by the new site. 

Is everything from the original site available on the new site?

All twelves of the core tests from the old site are now available on the new site. Most of the features of the old site are also available on the new one, though they may look a bit more streamlined now. More importantly, valuable new premium features are now available. The ultimate goal: derive insights from your data so you can be a better you. Keep an eye on the site and your inbox for even more brand new features that could only be possible by redesigning BrainLabs from the ground up.

What happens to my existing data?

Sorry, we can't link your data from the classic site to the new site—they are too different to compare directly. You'll probably find that it's best to start over anyway, in the context of the new site's emphasis on daily variation and lifestyle tracking.

Are the tests different?

They're the same tests, but way more fun. Tests have been redesigned from the ground up to be more enjoyable than ever—all while preserving 100% of the science.

Do I have to pay for the new site?

BrainLabs offers a free account where you can enjoy many of the benefits you are used to. However, a dedicated team of neuroscientists, engineers, and product designers are working around the clock to deliver knowledge and support, so some of the more advanced features and unlimited test plays now require paid monthly packages.

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