How do I cancel my account?

Find out how to downgrade, unsubscribe from emails, or delete your account.

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Need to cancel?

If you have a paid unlimited account and want to downgrade to free, head to the View Plans page to downgrade to a free account. Note that you will retain unlimited access for any time you have already paid for, but will not be charged again on your renewal date. You can sign up again at any time to regain full access to current features and historical data.

The link to downgrade is located near the bottom of the View Plans page, as shown in this screenshot:

If you want to unsubscribe from emails, click the "unsubscribe from our emails" link in any message. You won't get any more emails unless you send us a message first. If you'd like to resubscribe, just let us know.

If you want your account information deleted, click My Account, View Profile, then click on the Account tab. Clicking the "Delete your account" button will remove your data from all of our systems. This action cannot be undone.

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