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How are lifestyle entries linked to my cognitive performance scores?
How are lifestyle entries linked to my cognitive performance scores?

Lifestyle + test scores = insights.

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Lifestyle entries are tracked on the trends graph, and associated with your challenge scores. With insights, you can see what your lifestyle is like on the days when your brain is at its best.

View your lifestyle entries on the graph when viewing each measure of cognition (the overall C-Score, and the more specific reasoning, short-term memory, and verbal domains). Tap or hover over a data point in the graph to view your entries for that day.

See a peak in the graphs? Click to see what your day was like before or during the peak, and view journal entries that may have boosted your cognition.

See a dip in the graphs? Click to see if your lifestyle may have gotten in the way of better scores.

Additional context is provided by describing if your entry for that day was below average or above average.

Think of the graphs as a simultaneous window into your cognitive performance and key lifestyle factors that are known to affect your brain.

Furthermore, we collect anonymous data in order to better understand the links between lifestyle and cognition. By taking the tests and regularly completing your journal, you are providing valuable data that helps everybody optimize cognition. We will be sharing key insights as we discover them.

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It's free to view your lifestyle factors and cognitive performance trends. For deeper insights based on a statistical analysis of how your scores relate to your lifestyle, sign up for an unlimited plan to gain access to the Insights feature. Click here to learn more about Insights.

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