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How do challenges work?

The definition of a challenge, and what you get by completing one.

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A challenge will guide you through a series of tests, one after the other.

Challenges are designed to walk you through enough tests to gain meaningful information when you are done. The daily challenge results in your brain report, consisting of your C-Score and three domain scores: reasoning, short-term memory, and verbal ability. These will be displayed after the challenge is complete, and results will be updated in your trends graphs.

The challenge is designed to be quick enough to complete once a day, after completing your journal. If you feel like you can beat your score (or you got distracted in the middle of it; hey, we get it), you are free to take the challenge again.*

There are several variations on the daily challenge, so you will play a different set of tests each day.ย 

Can I start a challenge, leave it, and come back to finish it later?

Yep. Individual tests can't be paused, but after you finish a test, you can leave and come back within a reasonable amount of time, and the challenge will pick up where you left off.

* Pro plan only.

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