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Why should I use BrainLabs?
Why should I use BrainLabs?

What you'll get by logging in regularly.

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Use BrainLabs regularly—every day, if you can—to measure your current cognitive performance, and gain insights into how it changes over time. Complete your lifestyle entries to link your cognition with variations in your life, including sleep, physical activity, and stress.

We'll provide tips and insights about how to make use of the site, and it's all backed by the latest science, so you can be confident that the tests are valid, and the tips work. Use the insights you gain to take steps to improve your cognitive performance, today and throughout your life.

You are also helping other people by using the site. Your data will always be private, but by contributing to the anonymous pool of test scores collected on the site, you are providing valuable scientific data. It will be used to make new discoveries about how the human brain works, how lifestyle affects cognition, and how to prevent cognitive decline. The BrainLabs community will be first to benefit from these new discoveries, then will help the people of the world optimize and maintain their brains.

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