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How do I interpret the trends graphs?
How do I interpret the trends graphs?

Your brain changes over time. Learn how to use the graphs to monitor and learn from changes.

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The best way to discover what the graphs can do is to click around and see what happens. Don't worry, you won't mess anything up.

Here is some more detail on what the graphs do. They visualize four main things:

  • Your C-Score over time.

  • Your domain scores over time (reasoning, short-term memory, and verbal).

  • Your lifestyle entries.

  • Your journal entries.

Three ways that people have been using the graphs are:

  • Ensuring that C-Scores are improving—or at least holding steady.

  • Identifying deficits in specific areas of cognition, and trying to remedy them.

  • Looking for spikes or valleys in the graph, then clicking to identify lifestyle factors and journal entries that may explain the variations.

You can also view graphs displaying community data by clicking "Community" above any graph.

With an unlimited plan, you can get personal insights that pull out the most important patterns from the data in your graphs.

We are also collecting anonymous data all the time in order to study patterns on a larger scale. 

We would love to hear about how you are using your data. Drop us a line with comments or suggestions at any time.

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