Updates Coming: April 2021

Upcoming changes to BrainLabs.

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Changes are coming to BrainLabs! In April, BrainLabs will be updated. Here is how the update may affect you:

  • Free account upgrades: Soon, all BrainLabs accounts will have access to all features. Regardless of your account type, you will be able to take any test at any time and get deeper brain insights. If you have paid for a yearly pro plan, you will receive an email about receiving a prorated refund on your remaining time.

  • URL change: Soon, you will need to log in to your account at https://www.brainlabs.me — please update any BrainLabs bookmarks to point there. Just click the "sign in" button to get into your account. If you already log in via brainlabs.me, then you're all set.

  • Downtime: To implement these changes, BrainLabs will be unavailable for a short time. You’ll receive a warning within the app before any downtime is scheduled.

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