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August 2017: New Challenges and the Daily Journal
August 2017: New Challenges and the Daily Journal
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August 25, 2017:

  • New daily challenges! Play a new set of tests every day to obtain your brain report. They're more challenging—and more accurate—than ever.

  • New test limits. Free accounts can play the tests in today's challenge an unlimited number of times.

  • Reorganized Tests tab. Tests are now organized by the primary cognitive domainthey contribute to.

  • No more C-Score limit. Exceptionally high scores used to be cut off, but the limit is now obliterated. Insights are more meaningful as well, now that everyone contributes a full range of scores.

  • New and improved resource center. Hey, that's where we are right now! Look around for new and improved info on how to get the most out of Cambridge Brain Sciences.

August 5, 2017:

  • New: Daily Journal—capture life's nuances by entering anything you'd like in your journal. View journal entries in your graphs and get deeper insight into what could be causing those peaks and valleys.

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