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What is the Brain Report?

Completing a challenge will give you today's Brain Report. Find out more about it here.

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As soon as you complete a challenge, you will be given today's Brain Report. Think of it as a quick summary of how your brain is doing today. It includes:

  • Today's C-Score and cognitive domain scores.

  • How your scores compare to the community today.

  • How your scores changed since your last challenge.

  • Tips on what your scores mean in your everyday life.

Here's an example of a Brain Report:

Hover over each element of the Brain Report for more information.

Come back tomorrow to see how your brain has changed. It's the ups and downs that tell you the most about how to optimize your cognitive performance.

Want deeper analysis of the patterns in your scores over the past weeks and months, and how they relate to your lifestyle? Check out Insights.

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