What is the Daily Journal?

Record notes and nuances using the Daily Journal feature.

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Lifestyle has a big impact on your brain, which is why you can track your life using BrainLabs. But what about tracking specific personal details that you know are affecting how sharp you feel today? Enter the Daily Journal, where you can capture every nuance of your day.

How the Daily Journal Works

The Daily Journal is a text input where you can capture anything you'd like. Got a headache today? Was your sleep interrupted by the new dog? Does a run through the park always make you feel energized? Write about it in your journal as part of daily lifestyle tracking:

You can then review the entry by hovering over a data point on your graph. Now you'll have deeper insight into what could have caused peaks and valleys in your graph.

Is It Private?

Yes. As with all your data, journal entries are private and secure.

What Insights Can I Gain From Journal Entries?

As with a typical journal, you can keep track of your lifestyle, in your own words, from day to day, then look back on your entries later for deeper insight into what was going on when your brain was at its best (or worst).

The insights feature may also draw on journal entries at some time in the future. Stay tuned for updates as new features are added.

I've Done Something Really Cool Using the Daily Journal

Awesome! The Daily Journal is a great feature to experiment with. Have you used it to keep notes on when you were on or off a nootropic supplement? Experimented with different types of meditation? We'd love to hear about what you've used the Journal for, so send us a message and let us know!

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