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December 2016: New: Play Individual Tests
December 2016: New: Play Individual Tests
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December 18, 2016:

  • The Tests tab is live! Now you can play individual tests and view progress over time.

  • Two new tests: Digit Span and Token Search.

  • The Insight Plan: play unlimited tests, log physical activity / stress, and more, for a monthly fee.

  • Some tweaks to how the DCI is calculated. Your raw score may change, but the patterns and percentiles will remain the same (read more).

  • Various visual improvements, bug fixes, and back-end work to make everything run as quickly and smoothly as you'd like your brain to.

December 2, 2016:

  • Various bug fixes, visual enhancements, and improvements to the tests.

  • Introduced the new DCI score, and a drop-down menu to switch between DCI and percentile scores on the trends graph.

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