October 2016: What's New
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  • Implemented: Allow users to input when they fall asleep and wake up, instead of how many hours they slept, so that users don't have to calculate this manually.

  • Fixed dropdown message notifications (i.e., the green success message you get when you add a journal entry) on mobile so that they span the full width of the screen.

  • Fixed issue where hours slept weren't displaying correctly when a decimal point was included (ex, 7.5 hours was showing up as 7 hours).

  • Improved error message handling on create account page so that it's easier to create an account.

  • Fixed issue where reaching a certain top score in Spatial Planning was resulting in a blank screen, even with time left on the clock.

  • Fixed issue where dragging the numbered balls in spatial planning using touch input on a mobile device was causing the ball to hang.

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