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How do all of the BrainLabs features work together?
How do all of the BrainLabs features work together?

A tour of what you can do with BrainLabs.

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BrainLabs offers a ton of features, but they all add up to one thing: brain insights that empower you to be at your best every day.

How? Its starts with challenges. By playing a quick daily set of 4 tests, you get your Brain Report: a summary of today's cognitive performance and how it has changed since yesterday.

After your report, you'll be reminded to track your lifestyle. You can keep tabs on the top lifestyle factors known to affect your brain health—such as sleep, exercise, and stress—and add your own notes using the Daily Journal.

Come back every day, and you'll have a growing set of data about your brain's performance and your lifestyle.

This is when the magic happens. By matching up your cognitive performance over time with your lifestyle, you get insights. View trends in your recent data on your graphs, or upgrade to a pro plan and we'll crunch the numbers for you, telling you exactly when your brain is at its best. Use insights to make data-driven decisions about how to get the most out of your brain.

To sum up: measure your brain, track your lifestyle, and soon actionable insights will be yours.

Read on within this section for details on how each feature works.

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