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How can I make brain health a habit?
How can I make brain health a habit?

You'll get the most out of BrainLabs if it's a daily habit. Learn how to fit brain health into your busy life.

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BrainLabs works best if you log in regularly to take a challenge and log your lifestyle. The more data you have, the more insights you can gain to help optimize your brain health.

I don't have time!

It takes 10 minutes a day to get the most out of BrainLabs. We know, even 10 minutes can be hard to fit into a busy day, but consider these points:

  • If your brain is sharper, everything else you do will be more efficient. You'll save far more than 10 minutes a day if your brain is always working smarter and faster than it used to.

  • It's as important as other habits. Most of us can take 10 minutes a day to get some exercise for physical health. Your brain health is just as important—your body is nothing without your brain, after all—so give it some time too. Maybe there are even some bad habits that you can replace with a new healthy one.

  • You learn the most from hectic days. Your lifestyle varies from day to day, and you can learn the most from days when time is tight. How is your brain doing when you're stressed? Are you as foggy as you feel when you don't sleep much? A quick test on an unusual day can reveal a lot about your cognition, and you may even surprise yourself with a new discovery.

Okay, how do I make brain health a habit?

  • Ease into it. Start with a few times a week; we'll send reminders with science-based news and tips to help you out. If you miss a day, don't sweat it, just get back into it next time.

  • Build on other healthy habits. Take a daily walk? Log the exercise in your BrainLabs journal when you get back, then take a quick challenge.

  • Have fun with it. Try to beat your high score on your favourite test. See how you do after an extra cup of coffee. Challenge a friend to a Double Trouble duel. Brain health isn't always serious; experiment to find your own groove.

If you have any tips of your own, or would like some personalized advice on how to fit BrainLabs into your own life, we'd love to hear from you—just send us a message ➡️

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